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We’re not your average nail salon, Nail Garden is an experience that indulges your senses and attracts you to the beauty and artful surroundings that make you feel like you’re on a temporary retreat from reality. From the thoughtful modern architecture, down to the vast array of colors and colorful people that make you feel like royalty, Nail Garden is an oasis of endless possibilities.

One of the first nail salon brands to offer a stylish experience with culture and professionalism. Services also include waxing, facials, make-up, blow-drying and more.

Our Services

What We Do?

Natural Nail Treatments

All spa manicures and pedicure treatments include a massage for hands and arms or lower legs and feet, cuticle care and moisturizer, nail prep and polish. Our spa treatments include our signature, beautiful scented petals which float gracefully in water while cleansing. Our hand & foot care treatments offer clients a sweet escape.

Hydrating Paraffin Treatments

Adding a paraffin treatment to your bi-weekly manicure or pedicure can help open up your pores to absorb and lock in moisture, giving you beautiful healthy and hydrated skin every time.

Nail Enhancements

We use superior quality products which ensure non-yellowing and durability to the nails. Gel polish services offer intense shine, no dry time, and it lasts up to two weeks. Our gel polish manicure includes nail prep, gel polish application, and moisturizing the cuticle.

Waxing Services

We use only the finest body and face wax for our clients at Nail Garden.You should refrain from waxing as a hair removal method if you are using Retin-A (currently or in the last 3 months), Accutane (currently or in the past 4 months), other keratolypic medications (that increase skin exfoliation), or are sunburned or recovering from a recent laser peel.


Get your makeup done for a upcoming event, or book a makeup class to learn how to do your makeup at home. We also offer Wedding and Prom makeup.


Come get a relaxing facial from one of our Skin Care Experts. Products used will be based on your skin care needs. We offer custom made Mask to get the best results for your skin. Your Skin Care Expert will help you figure out the best skin routine to achive your skin care goals. Paraben Free and Vegan options available.


LASH-OUT with the best lashes for every situation. Our experts will talk with you and see what lashes will give your requested look. From Volume to natural your lashes will look great.

Kids Menu

For kid’s age 10 and under.

Nails Care

Pampers your hands and feet

New Products


I am a proud owner of Nail Garden AUSTIN. Here we set the standard in nail care and full service luxury salons. Pamper your hands and feet in a luxurious, relaxing environment.

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